Jon Atlas Front End Web Developer



Jon Atlas

Front End Web Developer

I am a creative, detail oriented professional who has been Web Developing for 3+ years.

I have good technical skills in HTML5 / CSS3 / SASS / JS / JQUERY / WORDPRESS and DESIGN

I love coding. It's extremely important for me to be learning and improving every day.

I also have great interest in building apps (React / Rails / Angular) and would love an opportunity to work with these or similar technologies.

I have a unique background for a techie (accounting, personal training, acting) which allows me to bring to the position a strong business background and excellent communication skills.

A bit of fun

Caution: If you do not find the next paragraph funny, then I did not write it

I am not just a Web Developer... 20+ years of making 18% of people laugh around me through the use of wisecracks, observational humour and intimidation. Innate ability to quickly establish rapport with clients in order to build long-term relationships and avoid joining their spam-list. Highly passionate team player, problem-solver, keen attention to detail… especially on the appearance of my hair. Communication and interpersonal skills enhanced through three years of actor training, which culminated in being in the background of a toothpaste commercial. Described as having high integrity, being approachable and a born leader… by my mother.